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CLOTH: silk georgette   light luxurious 

 Size: 110  x 110 cm

The fishy headscarf, wrap, sarong,  shawl, wall hanging, throw.


Keeping company with mud crabs and crocodiles, 

The barramundi appears prehistoric, large-scaled robust catadromous fish inhabiting the fresh, brackish and the salt. Moving with moon phase, ebb and flow, through tropical waters of the north, freshwater, estuarine and marine, in other words, euryhaline. 

They are known as demersal, of tropical muddy waters and tidal range, as the family of Latidea, of the order of Perciformes,  scientifically  Lates Calcarifer. When big fish eat little fish, the boney skeleton and flesh



Gather thoughts and the mangrove blossom that washed ashore on the line of a high tide and use that sentiment to gently rinse and wring, add the smallest drop of eucalyptus wash. cold water by hand, iron if you must!