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a powerful craftswoman whose highly unique artistry breaks new ground in the realm of textiles and fashion.
… possessing an astonishingly broad vision fuelled by a fierce insight into the evolutionary power of fibre. 
… whose philosophy is reflected at multiple design levels parallel to the myriad of layers which compose her pieces.
… whose textures and stories transcend the surfaces they are part of, expanding the way we perceive fashion and ourselves as the wearer. 
… whose textile practise challenges directly the role of the 
Australian fashion industry in a globalised labour market, 
on a planet experiencing environmental collapse.
Anna's textiles both entice and incite us, 
inviting us on a vivid kaleidoscopic journey; 
Plunged into a labyrinth of miraculous minutiae, 
we enter a wonderland of worlds close-up.
Divergent motifs dart in a daring dance -
and suddenly we soar, swooping over vast vibrant vistas.
Neon strands electrify the eye, 
flashing and retreating through lush colour jungles, 
subterranean and amphibious. 
The fervent precipitation of threads vibrates with the vigour of biology, 
a dynamic ecology evolving and unfolding in each garment.
Shapes shift and ripple, melt and stipple,
unfolding on panels like landscapes on canvas.
Pieces intrigue with stories organic and primordial, 
modern and electric, written in code like garlands around the body. 
Surprising symbols amuse & bemuse, whispered spells woven in phrases, each garment a parchment which seeks deciphering.  
Courting colours joust in a carnival of compliments 
Retiring to rest in the shape of a human body. 
The riotous approach might be mistaken for whimsy - and while humour bubbles within - a closer glance reveals complexity and gravitas. 
Combining a spirit of irreverent inquiry with firmly grounded concerns 
- environment, ethics, technology, globalism and industrialism. 
Embracing and fusing motifs of digital technology and human industry, 
creating a politicised physiology within and upon the wearer. 
Fizzing with intelligence, motifs dazzle both eyes and brain 
with their circuitous intricacy, symphonic colour compositions 
and beguiling juxtapositions.
Showcasing a virtuosic command of digital imaging, 
an impressive armoury of bespoke textile techniques, 
and an intuition for interplay required to orchestrate each piece. 
Soulful dyes stain and seep deeply;
Vivid liquid pigments flare and flicker;
With a smatter of stitches sprinkled.

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